His Perfect Timing

Today is 18 May 2018 (7:56). 41st week since my return from China (August 2017). I have anticipated this day for a long time. Graduation and walking across the stage. I am excited. This morning at 4:30 I woke up. I decided to check the DNA results. Waiting for the DNA results on WeGene DNA Database…

After 22 years I have confirmed answers. I want to say for certain, except always some doubt believing all this information, events, and people are actually true and happening. I have been confident this has been my family since the day they contacted me and I received information and photos. So, Lord, I am certain this is my family and I do not want to doubt this.

Thank you for your timing. This journey since has not been easy. I put my trust in You. So very thankful God and I want to acknowledge you, Lord, for your goodness, timing, work, and presence during this journey.


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